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Songs & Books

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Be Made Whole is a book written for those searching for healing...whether you need it for your body, soul, emotions, or mind, this book is written from a Biblical viewpoint that God wants you WHOLE. Finding balance for the things that somehow manage to become unbalanced in our lives is key to our healing.  This often includes with dealing with deeper issues we don't know are causing the outward manifestation of brokenness in our lives. Take a deep look at yourself through the eyes of God and BE MADE WHOLE! 


 Revival Come is Marcia's personal EP with songs inspired and loved by many.  With songs like  "Bring the Harvest In" and "One Voice" there is a message for the Body of Christ.  Available on itunes and other sound platforms. Listen and Buy it today! 

We Come Alive (Charis Worship)

We Come Alive was an album Marcia co-produced for Charis Worship @ Charis Bible College Colorado / Andrew Wommack Ministries. She also wrote 6 of the songs and is a featured artist on this album.

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