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Marcia is a singer-songwriter, author, teacher, mentor and worship leader

based out of Colorado USA.

With over a dozen songs published on a dozen or more projects, Marcia loves sharing the heart of God through her music and mentoring those who God brings in her path - wherever that may be on the globe!

She has had the privilege to lead thousands in worship across the world, and train hundreds of musicians and vocalists in worship schools and programs across the USA, Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and Europe.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Education and a Masters Degree in Worship Theology from The Kings University, founded in Los Angeles, CA. 

From small stages to stadiums, from 3-piece ensembles to 300-piece choirs, and church youth bands to high-production teams, her heart remains dedicated to one thing: equip and train each worshiper to serve God skillfully

from the heart.  

Make sure to check our her resources page for her latest albums and books, and take a peak at her calendar to see where she's headed next! 

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