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What can happen in a year's time...

Seems way too long since I posted on my website! Sort of embarrassing.... But I've been busy doing life. =). The recap on 2021: We began a non-profit called Creative Lab Collective here in the USA. Our target is to raise up leaders who want to develop worship leadership. So teachers of the teachers! We have our training curriculum almost all written! This is conjunction with opening up our first training center in Honduras out of RendiZion Church in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. We hired our first full time worker, Gabo, who is brilliant, loves Jesus, speaks Spanish-English and is running our school as well as doing translation work for our existing material from Creative Lab Academy. GOD IS GOOD! we have made LEAPS and BOUNDS!

Personally 2021, seemed to be a deep valley for my family. Braeden had a severe case of Covid in April 2021, and we had to go to the hospital a couple of times. He was on an oxygen tank at home. His lungs were hit hard with that nasty disease, and we prayed and waited our way through that. Three weeks being out of work to recover. Then 3 more weeks of half days for him as a Dentist. It was rough. But he SURVIVED. God gave me a promise before it even happened that He would fight for us. And on the other side was VICTORY! However, the aftermath of this disease turned out to be fairly crippling for a while mentally. I would say there was a pretty good PTSD response happening for another year following. We turned a corner this summer, when Covid chatter started to dwindle and the pandemic has concluded. (The disease is still around).

Our pup, Maddie died on July 30, which was about 6 months after Roxie died (Dec 31st, 2021). It was very hard on Braeden and Abi who were closest to her. There's no loss like a pet. To date, we don't have any more pets, but hopefully that can change in the near future. I think we miss the light and life a little furry friend brings every day. A calm, a smile, a laugh. We are missing it.

The in September, I somehow pinched the ulnar nerve in my right arm, which caused radiating pain from shoulder to fingertips. I'm not sure how it happened, but a spinal decompression helped the pain significantly. Strangely, I got burns at the end of my finger tips on two fingers- possibly caused by an electrical shortage in my nerve tips. It was all very bizarre! I basically had to stop moving my arm for 6 weeks, and keep it in a sling. I had to re-learn how to sleep on my back, and found a specific position to keep my arm at night.

During the same timeframe, I was also helping Unveiled Worship get off the ground at the Road Church, and that was an exciting time! All while planning for Creative Lab Collective ventures with Jon, James, and Sam.

We tried to buy a house a couple of times, but since Braeden is technically self-employed, we've had to be patient. We are sad that we missed the window of time when interest rates were very low, but we could only watch it pass time marches on and we get 2 full year tax returns under our belt, then we can get the green light for buying. Its so funny, because we were advised that he should just become a W-2 salary for the interim to get into the house, and then he can switch back. But the market was soooo crazy here during that season, it may or may not have happened with all the competition. A fresh start in a new house would have helped the morale in the family. But it was not a door we could go through yet.

Josiah and Olivia live in Southeast Colorado Springs, and Abi is still living with us. Both our kids work at the Wal-Mart here in Monument. Its been a good, steady job and income for them both during the entire Pandemic.

Abi is beginning COLLEGE this month!! She's taking a 10 month fast-track course in cyber-security. She's very excited for the prospective of making much better money and possibly starting a life of her own.

We are proud of our kids..and I'm proud of my husband. There's so much to be grateful for in a world that seems so dim and doomed at the moment. I am so thankful for the Lord bringing us through the rough seasons. It IS true that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I feel the strength- after the LONG struggle with surrender. Sometimes sitting in the ashes and grieving is the season you're in. Sometimes we don't fully understand or think we deserve to be victims of grief, but it is real. The loss is real. And we all react differently to loss and have different adjustment periods following. I feel like I'm turning the corner finally from my own grief. A loss of letting go of a career I once had (that I knew would be a season), The inability to move forward with our plans for relocation (originally to Cali, but that tune quickly changed following their recourse with Covid). The death of our pets, the lack of proper celebrations during what was supposed to be a YEAR of great accomplishments. I really suffered. I still feel sad when I remember... but each day distanced from that season is easier and easier. A smile and joy is returning to me. I am, and will continue to be, grateful.

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