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Walking on water...

Lately, I've been reading a book called "The Circle Maker" by Mark Batterson. Its been a life-changing, faith-challenging kind of book that has been VERY timely in my life.  You see, we're on a specific journey right now..and it just demands us to live a life of faith like we've never known.  Its literally the UNKNOWN.
My husband made a decision two years ago to go back to school.  When I say "Back to school" most adults think additional college courses a couple nights per week to brush up on knowledge. But for him, its a life-altering event. He's heading to Dental School in 2015.  He is a FULL-TIME student at UCCS. He made the transition to full time status this past fall. 
Going into this status of him not working and me carrying the financial responsibility has been nothing short of both a huge mountain AND a great miracle!!  With my "work" i don't receive a steady, predictable paycheck.  I rely on Jesus to open doors for ministry and my weekly private lessons to provide income.  It is a contractor lifestyle which, if you're familiar with it, has many ups and downs. The Lord is trying SO HARD and blatantly to TEACH us how to TRUST HIM FOR EVERYTHING regardless of what the future holds (or doesn't hold), how much money is in our account (or isn't), and even now, how much we know what the NEXT STEP is (or don't).
Our GOD IS GOOD!! He has been SO faithful in providing opportunities, sending money, providing EXACTLY what we need WHEN we need it.  I would say that I DO agree with the statement that
God is never early....but He's never late
There's two Scriptures He's been leading me to pray everyday.
One is Psalm 135 - simply BLESSING THE LORD for His goodness and faithfulness. I think this is KEY in unlocking a grateful heart and getting God's attention.
The other is Deuteronomy 28: 1-14:
You will be blessed in the country..
Your basket and your kneading trough will be blessed...
You will be blessed when you come in and blessed when you go out...
He will defeat my enemies...
The Lord will send blessing on my barns and everything I put my hand to...
The Lord GOD will bless you in the land He's giving you...
The Lord will grant you abundant prosperity...
The Lord will OPEN the storehouses of HEAVEN and BLESS ALL THE WORK OF YOUR HANDS.
The Lord will make you the HEAD and NOT THE TAIL...
If you pay attention to the commands the Lord your God that He gives this day, you will always be AT THE TOP AND NOT THE BOTTOM.
ALL THIS BLESSING IS PROMISED TO WHOM? There is a standard that the Lord puts forth on who fits in the "WHOM" category:   Starting in verse one, it states clearly: "IF YOU FULLY OBEY the LORD YOUR GOD and carefully follow His commands I give you..."
So, I'm learning to trust the Voice of My Father. He often asks me to do things out of my comfort zone. Things that stretch me. He often tells me to give when I have little to share. But He KNOWS HE's MY PROVIDER, and when I trust Him and give willingly, it allows the blessing in my life to flow because I GO TO THE FATHER AS MY SOURCE.
There is NO GREATER revelation as we live this life here on earth.
No calling, no ministry, no purpose is greater than the simple one of realizing the fellowship, communication, and exchange we have with our HEAVENLY FATHER on a DAILY basis!  Its what makes life completely satisfying regardless of life's circumstances and challenges.
This past week, a week before Christmas, low on funds, we prayed. We asked our FATHER for His Sovereign provision and to be able to fully rest and trust in Him and to just enjoy this holiday break that we both have now. The following days would unfold a domino effect of blessing: someone gave us an ipad mini by the Lord's prompting, and we put a very generous chunk of $$ in the bank that came in from royalties from music and back payments for work.  Just in time!  GOD IS GOOD! 
One of my favorite, FAVORITE songs right now is "Oceans" by Hillsong.   Listen to this song....
Today, are you looking at the insurmountable waves that want to swallow you up? Or are you walking in faith that you can keep your eyes above the waves. That there is PEACE THAT PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING made available to you - even in the midst of chaos, disappointment, and chartered unknown waters. Whatever you may not know or see, HE DOES KNOW and HE DOES SEE. And HE HAS MADE A WAY FOR YOU.

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