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Thoughts on Time, Creativity, & Eternity
Walking on water...
JUST DO IT - part 2
Just Do It - Its time!


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Thoughts on Time, Creativity, & Eternity

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Walking on water...

Lately, I've been reading a book called"The Circle Maker" by Mark Batterson.Its been a life-changing, faith-challenging kind of book that has been VERY timely in my life.  You see, we're on a specific journey right now..and it just demands us to live a life of faith like we've never known.  Its literally the UNKNOWN.
My husband made a decision two years ago to go back to school.  When I say "Back to school" most adults think additional college courses a couple nights per week to brush up on knowledge.

JUST DO IT - part 2

Turns out my last's been busy....was about "JUST DO IT!" just step out in faith and trust that God will take care of the rest. 
Well... that's what I'm in process of doing!
I stepped out a few months ago and created this website. It was definitely an obedience. I'm not sure why I even wanted a website! But I'm just taking ONE STEP AT A TIME.
My song "Desperate For You" (featured on the music page of this website) will be pitched to radios all over by a radio promo company.

Just Do It - Its time!

Just Do It.

Nike got something right when they came up with this slogan. Believe it or not, I was very athletic as a kid/young adult. In fact, I ended up coaching women's Varsity and Jr Varsity Basketball for 3 years fresh out of college. I loved it!  One thing I admire about my years in being a coach is learning the art of lovingly but firmly giving direction to the team.  I wanted something from them. Mostly I wanted them to succeed!  I could see game plans playing out with precision as long as teammates kept their eye on the prize.
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